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5 Feb - 1 March 2010


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Fri 12 Feb, 11.00AM - BOOK


Appearing Rooms: 12 Feb-5 Apr, 10am-Evening

Exhibition inside PICA: 12 Feb-5 April, Tue-Sun, 11am-6pm


Please register groups of 25+ prior to excursion on 9227 6144, plus register on entry to PICA


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Event supported by
Wesfarmers Arts
Department of Culture and the Arts

City of Perth



SUITABILITY: Year K-12 Visual Arts
THEMES: Barriers, architecture, transience
Please register groups of 25+ prior to excursion on 9227 6144
, plus register on entry to PICA

Testing the notion of the audience being more than mere spectators in art, Danish artist Jeppe Hein invites us all to be active participants in his ever-changing outdoor sculpture Appearing Rooms and Spiral Labyrinth1. In Appearing Rooms, architecture, atmosphere and perception merge as jets of water shoot into the air to create 'rooms', which disappear as quickly as they emerge.

Perfect for our hot February days and balmy evenings, everyone can enjoy the beauty and surprise of this ephemeral fountain. Be an observer or walk within the random rise and fall of three-metre walls as one moment they contain you, and the next let you go free.

Hein's exhibition continues inside PICA with Spiral Labyrinth1, a mirrored maze that both entices and disorients.

Jeppe Hein comes to Perth following a major exhibition in Aros Museum, Denmark.

Courtesy: The Artist and Johann König, Berlin and 303 Gallery, New York. Image: Kieron McCarron.