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5 Feb - 1 March 2010


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Watch previews and clips for Festival 10 events

  • Amal Movie Preview

    A life-affirming adventure about a poor auto rickshaw driver unaware he's been named the sole heir by a deceased eccentric millionaire. A celebration of joy in the face of hardship and poverty and a crowd pleaser like no other!  MORE
  • Bachelorette Music Video

    Infectious pop and shoegaze fuzz from New York City.  MORE
  • Bride Flight

    The press dubbed the 1953 London air race from London to Christchurch, won by The Netherlands, Bride Flight, as it carried females set to join their fiancés in N.Z. This romantic epic centres on a group of immigrants, all filled with great hopes and... MORE
  • Bronson

    The bizarre story of one of Britain's most notorious prisoners. It's a very different British crime movie with a jaw-dropping, high-octane performance by Tom Hardy, set against a score of classical music and pop tunes playing tribute to Kubrick and A... MORE
  • Children's Choice Awards

    An awards show with a unique panel of judges!  MORE
  • Dancing On Your Grave

    An all-singing, all-dancing fun night of death and disease.  MORE
  • Departures

    Daigo applies for a job 'working with departures' but it's not a travel agency but employment in encoffinment - the art of preparing the bodies for burial.  MORE
  • Die Roten Punkte Music Video

    Watch Die Roten Punkte's music video Ich Bin Nicht Ein Roboter (I Am A Lion).  MORE
  • Festival in Focus - Life and Fate

    Watch an excerpt from the Friends of the Festival 'Festival in Focus' series as Shelagh Magadza discusses theatre masterpiece Life and Fate .  MORE
  • Five Minutes of Heaven

    This film brilliantly portrays the anguish of two men, former Ulster VF member Alistair Little (Liam Neeson) and Joe Griffen (James Nesbitt) as a reality TV series brings the two men together in the hope that they will face the truth and reconcile.  MORE
  • HEALTH Music Video

    Watch the music video from HEALTH 's album Get Color. Directed by HEALTH Popfrenzy Records 2009 licensed from Lovepump United  MORE
  • Louise-Michel Preview

    Watch the movie trailer for Louise-Michel . A group of laid-off workers decides to take revenge after their factory closes and the bosses skip town. Louise (Yolande Moreau), a hulking, anti-social illiterate, comes up with a brainwave – use their poole... MORE
  • Noodle

    Miri Calderone becomes the reluctant babysitter of her missing housekeeper's son, an adorable five-year-old nicknamed Noodle who speaks only Manderin. Miri searches for Noodle's mother amid the frustrations of bureaucracy and the distractions of job an... MORE
  • Patir (Leaving) Movie Preview

    Suzanne (Kristen Scott Thomas) lives a bourgeois lifestyle in the south of France with her physician husband and two children but in her naivete and stubbornness she is prepared to take her extramarital affair to an extremely dangerous level.  MORE
  • Peter Grimes

    Stuart Skelton sings 'Now the Great Bear and Pleiades' from Neil Armfield's new production of "Peter Grimes" for Opera Australia. Conducted by Mark Wigglesworth.  MORE
  • Pivot - In the Blood

    Australian electronic-pop leaders debut their new album.  MORE
  • Please Please Me Movie Preview

    Part Woody Allen, part Buster Keaton and 100% certified French, this delightful French comedy tackles themes of love and fidelity among a group of sex-crazed Parisians. From the director of past Festival hits 'Shall We Kiss' and 'Change of Address'.  MORE
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author Preview

  • Skin Movie Preview

    Watch the movie trailer for Skin . Racial confusion exposes the absurdities of Apartheid.  MORE
  • Stone of Destiny Movie Preview

    This feel-good British gem is based on the true story of an Edinburgh student who stole back the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey in 1950, returning it to its rightful place in Scotland. Fantastic cast includes Robert Carlyle, Brenda Fricker and... MORE
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

    A goth hacker and journalist uncover a festering morass of familial corruption and dark little secrets. This nail-biting, superbly acted and technically brilliant thriller is based on the first of Stieg Larsson's trilogy. For the duration you will be... MORE
  • The North Face Movie Preview

    The North Face is more than just a marvellous filmmaking spectacle with its outstanding period detail and dramatic landscapes. Based on a true story, this action-packed, compelling and extremely well-crafted film takes the viewer along every thrilling... MORE
  • The Pains of Being Pure at Heart Music Video

    Infectious pop and shoegaze fuzz from New York City. Watch The Pains of Being Pure at Heart's Young Adult Friction music video.  MORE
  • The Walworth Farce

    A darkly funny glimpse at Ireland’s underbelly.  MORE
  • The White Ribbon Movie Preview

    Watch the movie preview from Michael Haneke's 2009 Palme d'Or triumph about pre-WWI Germany.    MORE