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5 Feb - 1 March 2010


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Fri 5 Feb, 7.30pm


Welcome to Country is followed by Lotterywest Festival Celebration at 8pm



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Noongar elders welcome audiences and artists from around the world

Ngalluk jurapiny wanju nunnuk
ngallah Noongar Boodja
Nitjah ngallah moorts Boodja
koorah koorah
Nitjah ngallah karllah Boodja
koorah waanginy gaany ngallah
jurapiny moort ngallah boodja
Koorah waanginy kedala,
ngallah yaakiny ngallak Noongar
Ngallak, Ngallak-a gaany

We are pleased to welcome you
to our Noongar country
This is our ancestors’ land
from the dreamtime
This is our homeland of history
And as one we are proud people
of our land
Through history till today, we
stand together black and white
We are, we are one

WRITTEN BY Noongar Elders and Ngallak Koort Boodja Group members Doolan-Leisha Eatts, Yuraleen Dorothy Winmar and Frederick Joseph Pickett

By the banks of the bilya-maarl (Swan River), we mark respect for the living Culture of the traditional custodians of the land.

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Food and drink will be available for purchase.

Patrons are welcome to bring a picnic to Supreme Court Gardens, however you are advised to pack away your belongings before the show commences.

Please wear sensible shoes, as audience members will need to move, and warm clothing, as evenings may be cool.