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5 Feb - 1 March 2010


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SOMERVILLE 1–7 Feb, 8pm


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Director: Catherine Corsini • 85min • MA
In French with subtitles

Suzanne (Kristen Scott Thomas) lives a bourgeois lifestyle in the south of France with her physician husband and two children. She meets Ivan (Sergi Lopez) and in her naiveté, stubbornness and determination to find true happiness is willing to carry her extramarital affair to an extremely dangerous level.

Suzanne's attraction for her lover is stronger than anything else as she becomes immersed in her own sensuality, sacrificing all for pure, brutal, carnal love. As a result she jeopardises not only her family and social position, but also her comfortable life.

Tightly wound and crafted, with robust performances from Kristen Scott Thomas and recurrent Spanish Don Juan Sergi Lopez, the picture offers a rough, no-frills take on a story as old as France itself. VARIETY  MORE >